Plants & Human Affairs - Introduction
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Plant Care Assignment

Objectiveupon completion of this assignment, for a common houseplant you will be able to:

  1. grow and care for it
  2. describe the techniques for its care and maintainance
  3. identify its region of its origin
  4. describe any unique history or features or uses of the plant (beyond its decorative use)

Assignment:  Each student will be assigned a plant in the CSB/SJU Melancon Greenhouse.  It is your responsibility to keep it alive throughout the semester (you are welcome to take your plant home at the end of the term).  You are also asked to learn as much about the care, use, history, etc. of this plant as possible and then create an "Instruction Manual" for it.  These will be given to visitors to the greenhouse to learn more about your plant and how to care for it.  Each manual will ultimately be a one page sheet.  Together, we will decide the exact format (i.e., tri-fold pamphlet vs single page) and topics to include in the manual.  At a minimum we will want to include: (1) an image of the plant - you may draw one, take a image with a digital camera, or borrow one from the web.  If you select the latter you will need permission from the source of the image; (2) name (scientific, common, family); (3) source/region to which it is native; (4) history, features or other interesting info; (5) detailed care instructions; and (6) references.  Feel free to contact our greenhouse manager, Bonnie, for help with growth, repotting, etc.

Due Date:  this assignment will be due in lab on Cycle 10.

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