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Review: Exam #2

    The exam will be a mixture of objective (e.g., multiple choice, definition, fill-in-blank) and subjective (short answer) questions.  To see the general format you may want to check out the sample exams that are posted on line.  You may use pencil or pen to complete your exam, though I strongly recommend pencil.  The exam is designed to last one hour.  In general, the exam could include:  (1) anything covered in class; and (2) any study sheets, articles, handouts or other materials used/assigned in class.  I try to ask an equal number of questions about each class.  Below is a summary of the main topics that are "fair game" for the exam.  Essentially we covered cells and cell structure, membranes, diffusion/osmosis, energetics & enzymes, and respiration. 

    You may find the questions at the end of each chapter, on-line quizzes and text website helpful.  The following should be the bulk of what is on the exam, though I may have forgotten something.  Similarly, there may be a few topics embedded in the various notes, etc., that will not be covered since we didn't mention it in class.

Chapter 4 - Cell Structure & Function - This chapter features the biology of cells.

Chapter 5 � Lipids & Membranes - This chapter describes the chemistry of lipids, the chemistry and structure of the cell membrane, and diffusion and osmosis.

Chapter 6 - Systems Biology

Chapter 7 - Metabolism, Enzymes, Cellular Respiration - This chapter describes the basics of bioenergetics, how enzymes work and the process by which cells extract energy from carbohydrates through glycolysis and aerobic respiration. 

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