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Sensory System Questions

Matching QuestionMatch each of the following with the appropriate definition.

    a.  amplification                    d.  transduction
    b.  integration                        e.  transmission
    c.  reception


increase the signal strength

2   stimulus interacts with the receptor
3   process the information in the brain
4   propagate the signal through the nervous system
5   change in membrane potential in the receptor (due to opening of ion channels)

More Matching:  Match each sense with the type of  energy that serves as its stimulus.  What is the definition for each type of energy?     a.  chemical energy        b.  mechanical energy        c.  radiant


1   hearing
2   sight
3   smell
4   taste
5   touch

Still More MatchingMatch each of the following with the appropriate sense

        a.  chemoreceptor                    d.  photoreceptor
        b.  mechanoreceptor                e.  thermoreceptor
        c.  nocireceptor 

1   taste
2   hearing
3   smell
4   cold/hot
5   vision
6   touch


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