Spring.wmf (18300 bytes) Plant Physiology (Biology 327)  - Dr. Stephen G. Saupe;  College of St. Benedict/ St. John's University;  Biology Department; Collegeville, MN  56321; (320) 363 - 2782; (320) 363 - 3202, fax;    ssaupe@csbsju.edu

  Final Evaluation

 Course Overview/Philosophy
Our course has focused on the unique aspects of plant biology or what I've called the "plant way of life."  The course was essentially put together in four major blocks:  cells & cell growth, water and transport, plant hormones, plant responses to the environment.  I especially tried to include the scientific reasoning and experimental data that supported most of the concepts that we covered.  The labs included topics to support the lecture concepts.  I'd appreciate any feedback to improve the course the next time it is taught.

1.       What have you liked about the course?


2.       What have you disliked?


3.       What is one thing that you think really needs to be changed?


4.       What is your opinion of the workload?


5.       What do you think of the textbook and the textbook web site? 


7.       What is your overall opinion of the lab experience?


8.       What do you think of the following labs (please comment on such things as appropriate workload, difficulty, quality and value of the learning experience, lab assignments, lab grading, etc.):

  1. What topics would you have liked to study in lab that we didn't?


  2. My general approach to lecture was to try to involve the class in the discussions rather than simply lecture.  Would you have preferred more traditional lectures and/or PowerPoint presentations?  Can you offer suggestions how to make the lecture portion of the course more interactive? 


  3. Has the course fulfilled your expectations (i.e., topics covered, labs performed, things learned, presentations)? Why or why not? 


  4. What is your opinion of the test style (i.e., given questions in advance)?  Would you prefer a more "typical" test with a combo of short answer and objective questions?


  5. Do you have any additional comments? 





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