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  Mid-Term Evaluation

 Course Overview/Philosophy.
Our course has focused on the unique aspects of plant biology or what I've called the "plant way of life."  The course essentially is put together in several major blocks:  cells & cell growth, water and transport, metabolism, plant hormones, plant responses to the environment, and flowering.  Since we've completed about half of these topics, it's a good time to evaluate our experiences.  This will help determine the direction of the remainder of the semester and in many ways is a better time for an evaluation than the end of the semester since you will directly benefit from the results of the survey.  I will summarize the results and make them available to you.

1.       What have you liked about the course?


2.       What have you disliked?


3.       What is one thing that you really think needs to be changed?


4.       What is your opinion of the workload? 


5.       What do you think about the remainder of the lecture topics we will cover this year?  Any others you would like to cover?  What is your opinion of the remainder of the lab topics?  Others you would prefer?  


6.       What do you think of the textbook and text web site? 


7.       What is your overall opinion of the lab experience?


8.       What did you think of the following labs (please comment on such things as appropriate workload, difficulty, quality and value of the learning experience, lab assignments, lab grading, etc.):



9.   Give at least one suggestion as to how this class could be improved to make it the best class you've ever had.


10.   What is your opinion of our lecture part of the course so far?  Would you prefer more discussions?  more Powerpoint?  Etc.?


11.   Has the course fulfilled your expectations?  Why or why not? 


12.   Complete the following sentence: 

I, the person completing this evaluation,  ____________   (fill in the blank with one of the following or your own - love, like, dislike, hate, groove on) plants because: 

13.   Do you have any additional comments? 





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