Classroom Quotes

(unedited quotes from past report cards)

"He does average work…"

O. Hovell
November 10, 1959


"His writing is fair to good…"

O. Hovell
January 26, 1960


"Stephen is always interested in our science …discussions"

O. Hovell
March 25, 1960


"His scholastic achievements is above average"

E. L. Kolodin
Nov 9, 1960


"Stephen's need is to develop more skill in organizing his ideas and expressing himself in writing."

E.L. Kolodin
January 25, 1961


"Stephen is making average progress in his school work."

EL Kolodin
April 6, 1961


"His handwriting needs more concentrated effort. He writes carelessly and hastily".

M. Morse
Jan 23, 1962


"Stephen is a fine classroom citizen."

M. Morse
March 29, 1962


"He … needs to continue being more careful to make his writing more legible".

K. Long
June 18, 1963


"Stephen has been doing satisfactory work in all areas. However, he could be achieving better grades".

E. Oswald
November 5, 1963


Conclusion: Steve Saupe is an average science weenie with poor handwriting.

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