LTD Preparatory Outline for Class Discussion


Date of Discussion:

Article for Discussion:

Vocabulary (3-4 min): What words were new or difficult to understand. Define them in context.

General statement of author's message (5-6 min):  Give a general understanding of author's view, your own words. 

Identification and discussion of major themes (10-12 min): Identify 3-4 themes or topics presented by author.  (Not your own points of view.)

Application of material to other works (15 min):  Relate learning in assignment to ideas and concepts studied in previous assignments or other situations.

Application of material to self (10-12 min):    What is the significance or value of the information for you? 

Evaluation of the author's presentation (3-4 min):  Express personal feelings but above all, critically assess logic, conclusions, methods of author.