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Review for Exam #4

     The last exam of the semester is not cumulative; it will just include material since the previous exam.  As always, the exam will include a mixture of objective (e.g., multiple choice, definition, fill-in-blank) and subjective (short answer) questions.  You may use pencil or pen to complete your exam, though I strongly recommend pencil.  The exam is designed to last one hour.  In general, the exam could include:  (1) anything covered in class; (2) lecture notes on line; and (3) study sheets, articles, handouts or other materials used/assigned in class.  I try to ask an equal number of questions about each class.  The following is a summary of the main topics that are "fair game" for the exam. 


  1. Chapter 3 in "Botany of Desire."
  2. Study questions are posted on the web
  3. Check out the Powerpoint, titled, "Hemp," that is posted in the Public Folder

Medicinal Plants

  1. Chapters1 - 6 in Sumner book
  2. Study sheet for Ch 1 & 2 posted on line.
  3. Study sheet for Ch 3 posted on line.
  4. Powerpoint entitled, "Biodynamic Plant Primer," is available in the Public Folder
  5. Powerpoint entitled, Plant Distributions," is available in the Public Folder
  6. Powerpoint entitled, "Biodynamic Chemicals," is available in the Public Folder
  7. Powerpoint entitled, "Medicinal Plant Survey," is available in the Public Folder
  8. Powerpoint entitled, "Medical Plant Quickies" is available in the Public Folder
  9. Check out my web notes, "Medicinal Plants" and "Biodynamic Plants."
  10. There are some review questions posted on-line.


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