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Daily Class Format/Etiquette

Welcome  - music(Music will set the stage for our studies and relax our minds so that we can focus on the task ahead)

Gather Materials (check the front desk and pick up your attendance sticker and any handouts for the day. Good students are prepared and ready for the activities of the day)

Opening Greeting ("The secret of joyful living is joyful greeting and that is why we greet each other" - Dr. P. Pendse)

Me:  "Good Morning/Afternoon."

Class: "Good Morning/Afternoon."

Me:  "How are you this morning/afternoon?" 

Class (one of following):  

  • "Fine and dandy!  

  • Why shouldn't I be?"  

  • "I am super good, and getting better!"  

  • "I am fantastic, and improving by the second!" 

  • "I am terrific, you better believe it!" (While saying this, thrust your finger towards the instructor)  

  • "Super groovy" (give the thumb's up sign)

  • Other (chosen by class leader)

Announcements (by instructor, class leader, class) 

Brief Overview of Class Activity 

Class Activities  

Five-Minute Warning (sounded by class leader)


Me: "Thanks for any anther incredible day of biology".   

Class:  "Likewise!  Late dude."  Or other chosen by class leader.  

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