Structure in Chemistry

Concepts of Acidity

with problems contributed by Kate Graham, Nicholas Jones, Brian Johnson and Alicia Peterson

AB1. General Acidity and Basicity

AB2. Lewis Bases

AB3. Lewis Acids

AB4. Lewis Acid-Base Complexes

AB4b. Molecular Orbital Interactions in Lewis Acid-Base Reactions

AB5. Reversibility of the Coordinate Bond

AB6. Coordination Complexes

AB7. Proton as a Common Lewis Acid

AB8. Proton Transfer from One Basic Site to Another

AB8b. Molecular Orbital Interactions in Proton Transfers

AB9. Proton Donor Strength: pKa

AB10. Proton Donation and Structure

AB11. Factors affecting Bronsted-Lowry Acidity: Local Factors

AB12. Factors affecting Bronsted-Lowry Acidity: Distal Factors

AB13. Factors affecting basicity (proton binding)

AB14. Direction of Proton Transfer

AB15. pKa and Amino Acids

AB16. Solvent Effects

AB17. The Meaning of pKa: Product-to-Reactant Ratio and Equilibrium Constant

AB18. pH and Buffers

AB19. Application Problems

AB20.  Solutions to Selected Problems


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