LMW-PTP Isoform B (1xww)

Java version

HTML 5 version (does not require Java; downloads and moves slowly)

works best with Firefox

HTML 5 version calculations are slow

Based on tutorial by David Marcey, URL, Author, date accessed 8/25/15, and a link to this page) in your webpage/

I. Introduction

LMW PTP 1xww: try at surfaces

H's and charges added (at pH  5.5)

with Autodock tools.

II. General Structure

Display a-helices
Display a-helices with fill
Calculate a surface (default color is gold, name of surface = protein1), color surface red, then blue, then white, then set as translucent. Rotate 360 degrees around y axis in 4 seconds
Display a pre-calculated surface ("1xwwsurfacesolvent.jvxl"). Default color is gold. Note: loading a stored surface (*.jvxl) is much faster than calculating a surface (previous two buttons).
Molecular Electrostatic Potential (MEP) calculated within Jmol: red=negative, blue=positive
Load premade Molecular Electrostatic Potential (MEP) file: red=negative, blue=positive