P-Selectin:EGF Domains

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I. Introduction

During inflammation, leukocytes tether and roll on the walls of vessels where they are become active. E-, L- and P-selectin proteins are the primary units responsible for the tethering and rolling of these leukocytes.  P-selectin has an N-terminal lectin domain followed by a EGF domain and 9 consensus repeat (CR) domains.  It binds to the P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1(PSGL-1), a homodimeric protein of molecular weight 240K, expressed on leukocytes, in part through thesialyl-Lewisx(SLEX) CHO on the ligand.  The interaction between P-selectin and PSGL-1 mediates the The following is a series of images of the crystalline structure of the lectin:EGF domain complexed to

For more information see Biochemistry Online: Chapter 3B - Complex Carbohydrates/Glycans and Glycoconjugate 

II. General Structure

Backbone and sidechainse
Backbone, sidechains and CHO
Cartoon and Wireframe
Cartoon Wireframe and CHO
Dot surface and Wireframe