Orientation Session 3

Fall 2007 Study Abroad

Southwest University

Beibei, China


1.  Updates  

a.   Passports 

b.  Airline Tickets - Web Form/Baggage Restrictions

c.   Health

d.  Registration Issues; NS Course

e.  Roommates for travel and at SWU.

f.  Presents

2.   Mindfulness

3.   Online Orientation

Bring a printed copy of the the online orientation forms found at the link below and assigned at the last orientation session.  Also submit a copy electronically as you will be prompted to do. 


You may work in groups of no more than 3.  Submit the material electronically.  You will be prompted to print the completed forms.  Do so and give copy to the director.


4.   Discussion of Goals for the program


5.  Senior Seminar Update: Please order these

6 Encountering the Chinese by Hu Wenzhong.  Groups presentations.  Please also submit an electronic copy to me so I can post them on this site for future reference.



7.  Question/Answer:  Time to ask questions, and maybe get answers