Dr. Henry Jakubowski


Day Date OLSG Topic
1 1/15 Tu

Introduction:  Of bacteria, chimpanzees and human

2 1/17 Th LIP Intro. to Lipids:  (Non)Saponafiable; Fatty acid, Phospholipids
3 1/21 M LIP Quiz PC; Lipid Aggregates-Micelles and Bilayers; IMF's; Lab Prep of liposome;
(Rev Session Thermodynamics Btw 3 and 4)
4 1/23 W LIP Lab Prep of Liposomes;
Dynamics of Bilayers: Lateral, Flip Flop Diffusion, Gel-Liquid Crystaline Phase Change ; (PL composition and Tm discussed in lab)
5 1/25 F LIP Dm;Δμo; partition coefficients; hydrophobic effect; ΔHo; ΔSo.   Why bilayers and micelles;
6 1/29 Tu LIP PROT Signal transduction; fatty acid amide;
amino acids; covalent modification; charge characteristics;
7 1/31 Th PROT Cys modifications; Studying proteins:  MW, concentration, specific AA, AA composition, N And C terminus ID, AA sequence,
8 2/4 M PROT Quiz: pentapeptide;   post-translational modification;  Lab determine seconary, tertiary structure; phi/psi; secondary structure; supersecondary; proteins. PS 1:  Lipids Due
9 2/6 W PROT Protein Folding in vitro: worksheet exploring N<==>D, nature of N, D states; Keq,ΔGo, Anfinsen folding; Intermediates - Cys Trap; X-Pro isomerizatoin; Molten Globules;
10 2/8 F B PROT Molten Globules; Protein Folding in vivo; Protein Folding/Stability:  electrostatics, H Bonds,
11 2/12 Tu PROT Protein Folding/Stability:   Hydrophobic Effect;
12 2/14 Th PROT Secondary, Tertiary Structure Prediction.  Prions; What's New;
13 2/18 M CARB Intro to Carbohydrates:  Carbohydrate Jeopardy
14 2/20 W CARB Membranes/Cell Wall; Introduction to Binding
15 2/22 F BIND Fractional Saturation; Vary Kd; Vary Ligand; Experimental Det. Kd;
16 3/6-3/8 Test 1
17 3/5 Tu BIND Temporal View of Kd; Intro. to Hb and Mb
18 3/7 Th BIND Mathematical and Molecular Analysis of Hb binding curves:  Hill; MWC;
19 3/11 M BIND Transcriptional Control (Lab 4B3/31; 4/5)
20 3/13 W (C) BIND Transcriptional Control; Drug Development; Gene Arrays
21 3/15 F TKIN Facilitated Diffusion
22 3/19 Tu TKIN Intro to Kinetics
23 3/21 Th TKIN Enzyme Kinetics (Lab starts 4/10)
24 3/25 M TKIN Inhibition of binding; Inhibition models for enzymes
25 3/27 W TKIN CAT Multisubstrate enzymes; Regulatory enzymes; Introduction to Reactions
26 4/3 W CAT Methods of enzyme-catalyzed reaction
27 4/5 F CAT Methods of enzyme-catalyzed reaction; Enzyme reactions in organic solvents
28 4/9 Tu OXPH Chemistry of Dioxygen; 4/17-4/20 Test 2;
29 4/11 Th OXPH Biological Oxidation Reactions - Dehydrogenases, Mono and Dioxygenases, and Oxidases

4/15 M

OXPH Mono and Dioxygenases, and Oxidases; Oxidation Rx's; ATP and Oxidative Phosphorylation Reactions
31 4/17 W OXPH ATP and Oxidative Phosphorylation Reactions; Photosynthesis
32 4/19 F OXPH Energy Transduction: Uses of ATP
33 4/23 Tu SIGT Signal Transduction: Nerve Cells: Neural Chemistry
34 4/25 Th SIGT Signal Transduction at Cell Membranes: Protein Kinases/Phosphatases
35 4/29 M SIGT Apoptosis - Programmed Cell Death and Signal Transduction
36 5/1 W Review