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Newsletter of the German Section of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures of
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                            Spring/Fall  2007

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  Laura Wunsch, Ryan Fader, Erik Hendrickson,
Mark Bublitz, and David Lambert Awarded Fulbright Scholarships for
Research and Teaching in Austria!



Wunsch Also Awarded Fulbright Scholarship to Germany 






Laura, Ryan, Erik, Mark, and David, we admire your global vision and wish you the best for the very rewarding year ahead!

Each year, CSB and SJU German majors and minors are selected for research projects and teaching positions in Austrian and German Gymnasien, or schools.  Over the past 15 years some 50 CSB/SJU students have participated in these prestigious programs following their graduation.  The Fulbright Program especially appreciates applicants who are interested in the study and use of German in their plans for the future, either in teaching or in other careers.  For more information about how to apply before next year's October 15th (Germany) and February 1st (Austria) deadlines, see the Fulbright Webpage and Application Form




"I am eager to work with students from different backgrounds.  Teaching German to American students will give me insights into their culture and enable me to act as a mediator of my own culture." 

German Fulbrighter Dominick Lindemann Comes to CSB/SJU for Year of Teaching and Organizing International Activities

Loves Sports, Modern Languages, and Working with Students

We are delighted to welcome Dominick Lindemann to our German Studies Department!  Dominick comes from Neuenkirchen, a town between Bremen and Essen and will arrive at CSB/SJU on August 18.  One of Dominick's ideas is to create a German style Gasthaus with students in order to introduce them to a variety of cultural differences -- in food, music, etiquette, and entertainment.  Welcome Dominick!  Wir hoffen, Sie fühlen sich bald wie zu Hause! 





Cici Qiao Awarded Position for the Friendship Beyond Borders Summer Program in Germany

As participant in this inter-cultural youth education program in rural eastern Germany, Cici's primary task will be to help students aged 16-22 learn about international understanding and love of other cultures. Cici will be teaching these students during the month of July about the dangers of the right-extremism and xenophobia prevalent in the East where joblessness is high.  During this program, Cici will receive free funding for room and board, travel within the project region, and project activities.  If you are a CSB/SJU student interested in this program for summer 2008 please send an email message to exbinet@miteinander-ev.de.   Cici, we are proud of your using your German skills to promote cultural appreciation among young people in Germany!

"I am excited to use what I know about conflict resolution and intercultural exchange  and  to help improve the lives of young German students."



  Robert Mevissen, Michael Risch-Jansen, Brittany Boll, and Melissa Hendrickx Awarded Otmar Drekonja and S. Margaretta Nathe Scholarships Totaling $5000.

Dear Brittany and Melissa, Michael and Robert, 
     We are delighted to present to you the highest awards that we offer at CSB/SJU for the study of German.  Both S. Margaretta Nathe and Otmar Drekonja are known for their outstanding teaching of German for CSB/SJU.  S. Margaretta founded abroad programs in Switzerland and Germany. Otmar Drekonja was founder of our Salzburg Program in 1977, directing groups of more than 200 students on study abroad programs in Salzburg and elsewhere in Central Europe. Their distinguished teaching careers resonate in the personal and professional lives of generations of students.


Brittany and Melissa, Robert and Michael, thank you for all the good energy and enthusiasm you bring to our Department!  You represent well the astonishing motivation, vision, and love of life exemplified so well by S. Margaretta and Otmar Drekonja. 




Dear Seniors, We hope to hear from you often as you continue your passion for things German in the years ahead! We are awed by your plans for travel and work abroad.  Congratulations.  You are true models for the younger students of our department!  Alles Gute!

German Majors Seferovic, Sandnas, Wunsch, Schumacher, Hendrickson, Lambert, Smiles, Bublitz, and Haws
Complete Senior Presentations

Group of Nine Represents a Fifteen-Year High in
Number of German Majors at CSB/SJU

Dear Mersiha, Greta, Laura, Dan, Erik, David, Aaron, Mark and Jimmy!  What a wonderful group of students you have been.  We are especially proud of your final projects and the wide range of interests they represent:  Der Prozess der Selbstüberwindung in der Literatur der Jahrhundertwende (Mersiha); Eine eigene Komposition im Stil der Schoenberg-Zwölftonmusik mit Vorführung -- "Furcht, ach Furcht!" (Greta); Geschichte und Analyse der Pädagogik der kanadischen-amerikanischen Immersionschulen (Laura); Die protestantische und katholische Arbeitsethik zur Zeit Max Webers (Dan); Der Prozess der Individuation in Werken von Hermann Hesse (Erik); Die Identität der Türken im heutigen Deutschland (David); Entwicklung des Paszifismus bei Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mahatma Ghandi und Albert Einstein (Aaron); Einfluss der katholischen Kirche auf Krieg und Frieden in Europa und Iraq: Ein Vergliech (Mark);
Das Prinzip der Autorität in der Literatur der Jahrhundertwende (Jimmy). 




Professor Gregory Schroeder and His Family Head to Salzburg with
Fifteen CSB/SJU Students

Student Members of the Salzburg Program Include
Sara Allen, Nick Elsen, Nicole Bach, Melissa Hendrickx, Laura Ruprecht, Jason Fluto, Josephine Hall, Gregory Nordlund, Emily Karnas, David McKay, Candice Kamke, Brian Downes, Ben Bartelt, Brittany Boll, Audrey Gabe.

Professor Schroeder is a lover of all things Austrian and is especially fond of the beauty of Salzburg and the opportunities we have developed in the thirty years we have been at the University.  Our professors there are stellar and our small class sizes give students the chance engage intensely with the language and cultures of Germany and Austria.  Schroeder's emphasis in his teaching will be on Austrian identity from the era of the Hapsburg Empire to the present.   he will also be introducing a new immersion course on Austrian culture and language.  This is Professor Schroeder's third time directing the program for CSB/SJU students, having gone with other groups in 2001 and 2004. Zukunftige Salzburger and Herr Professor Doktor Schroeder, how lucky you are to spend fall term in this most beautiful of cities.  We all wish you Gute Reise! 

Check out the Salzburg Website.




"It was amazing to be the only undergrad presenter among a large number of professors and grad students."

Roxanne Rabe Goes to Berlin to Present Honors Thesis at International Ethics Conference

This past October Roxanne was chosen as the only undergrad to give a paper for the International Conference on Corporate and Social Responsibility at Humboldt University in Berlin.  Roxanne's Honors Thesis for the Management Department dealt with ethics in international business transactions and how these are converging toward Western models. For example, Asian countries are coerced more and more to uphold western standards of transparency and financial reporting.  Rabe said in retrospect, "Presenting at an international conference was not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  It is great to get feedback from professors and grad students from around the worldAnd Berlin is a city so rich in history and culture. This was certainly a highlight of my undergraduate career."  Congratulations, Roxanne!



Pictured here are German Professors Wendy Sterba, Lisa Ohm, Andreas Kiryakakis, and Mark Thamert

German Faculty Continues Work on Creating New Courses and Activities

New Goals Include More Cooperation with Other CSB/SJU Departments; Continued Rise in Number of Majors and Minors; Excellence in Our Programs Abroad; and Stronger Relationships with Minnesota High School Teachers

  Dear Friends,
     German Departments across the nation are strengthening their curricula with new courses aimed at engaging a broader variety of students, intensifying student learning about culture, and forming partnerships with professors from a variety of departments in the humanities, arts, and sciences.  Even in the process of developing new courses and extracurricular events for our department these past two years, we have seen an astonishing rise in numbers of majors and minors in German, a trend we hope will continue.  Thank you to our colleagues and administrators who have given important support to our curricular developments.
Special thanks to Provost Rita Knuesel, Dave Lyndgaard, Mike Connolly in Student Development and John Taylor in Institutional Advancement for helping make the Fulbright position possible on our campuses this coming year. John, thank you again for your work on our behalf with a local foundation which supports German activities. Thank you Fr. Tom Andert for your superb teaching of German students preparing for a teaching career. Thanks also to Professors Wendy Klepetar and Gregory Schroeder. We appreciate your work with our German students who have completed the German Option in your courses in Management and German History.  Thank you Mary Niedenfuer for all the energy you bring to the faculty and students of Modern and Classical Languages as department coordinator! To all of you, we are grateful to be working with colleagues like you who care deeply about students and faculty.

Thanks from the Heart -- We Couldn't Do It Without You!


Rita Knuesel, Dave Lyndgaard, John Taylor, Mike Connolly, Tom Andert, Wendy Klepetar, Greg Schroeder, Mary Niedenfuer




  German Professor Lisa Ohm Awarded Faculty Development Grant to Explore Islam in The United Arab Emirates

Lisa Ohm speaks of her research interests in Islam:  "The Turkish community in Berlin is the largest outside of the country of Turkey itself! Germany, too, is learning how to live with Islam and other minority cultures. One of our graduating seniors, David Lambert, did his senior project on the “Kaza,” the Islamic community that exists at the margins of the German majority community. In many of my seminars, I talk with students about the situation of women in Islam. Congratulations, Lisa!     more >>>




18 CSB/SJU Students Head to Munich for May Term



This is the fifth summer in the row that students of our colleges have had the chance to experience Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy first hand.  The first May Term -- one of the first in our colleges' history -- was offered three years ago for 30 students and featured a comparison of the art and architecture of Berlin and Munich.  the last two years 45 students participated in a similar May term, but the topic shifted to the development of German Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture in relation to what was happening culturally in the Mediterranean region.  This summer on May 19 and again on July 13, a total of forty-five more students will depart for the summer term seminar titled, Rome, Florence and Munich: Arts and Ideas.

Pictured here: Students biking through Munich learning about the history of its architecture and the intellectual movements that gave rise to radically different kinds of architectural expression.
 Our tour director Dave gives a lecture in front of the Friedensengel in Munich.  In the picture on the right, Sam Pokorney (center) joins Bavarian Schuhplattler in a traditional Volkstanz.




Berlin Cabaret Artist Bridge Markland Presents Magnificent One-Woman Show,
"Faust in a Box"


200+ CSB/SJU German Students and Area High School Teachers of German Gather to See Markland on a Blustery Sunday Evening in February


  Markland wrote to us about her stay at CSB/SJU:  "The vitality of your students is amazing.  The energy in the audience shows your students' and colleagues' deep interest in German culture past and present. I am grateful for this chance to see the American college scene up close."    more >>>  



German Department Theater Evening Features a
Theatrical Collage of Goethe Dramas,
Music and Dance from Bertolt Brecht's Dreigroschenoper,
a Puppet Scene from Goethes Faust, and the
George Maurer Piano-Cello-Singer Jazz Group

Students from seven different German classes turned out and performed for our third annual German Department Cabaret on April 16.  Students, what an excellent job you did learning your roles by heart and performing some stellar dramatic scenes from Goethe and Brecht!  Your singing and dancing also added energy and color to the Cabaret atmosphere.  Thank you for your hard work and creativity!

Senior Dave Lambert as Faust




Cabaret Song: Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! / Fremder, étranger, stranger!
Glücklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté, / Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay.
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome / Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret
Herzlichen Dank für den hervorragenden Abend!



Briefly Noted ...


Eva Nowotny, Austrian Ambassador to the United States, Visits CSB/SJU for the First Time

Praises Our Salzburg, Melk, and Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Programs as Remarkable Initiatives over Past Forty Years.

Ron Bosrock  
  On May 13, Dr. Eva Nowotny and her husband visited Saint John's with Honorary Consul General of Austria, Ron Bosrock, to learn more about our campuses' long history of cooperation with the country of Austria.  Nowotny has been Ambassador to the United States since 2003.  During the first half of 2006, when Austria held the rotating European Union presidency, Nowotny a played a pivotal role not only in Austrian but also in European foreign affairs.    More from  our student newspaper, The Record >>>  



The Haydn Brass Quartet from Eisenstadt, Austria, Performs for Sunday Mass

Tuba Player Is the Owner of a Burgenland Vineyard Who Has Hosted Our Students for Wine Tastings and Authentic Austrian Bauernschmaus


Special thanks to  Fr. Bob Koopmann, Abbey Music Director, (pictured fourth from the left) and Emmy Sack, German teacher at Saint John's Prep, who invited the group to our campuses (on the right).



Abbot Wolfgang Arrives from Metten Abbey to  Help Us Celebrate our 150 Year Anniversary as
Benedictine Communities and Colleges

Speaks of the Astonishing Vision of Our Founders




"Why am I so passionate about immersion education?
Learning a language gives you the tools to flourish in an increasingly diverse world"

Alum Brian Schnese becomes Trustee of the German Immersion Education Foundation of Minnesota

Ever since Brian returned to Minnesota from his Fulbright experience in Eastern Germany, he has devoted himself to the success of the new German Immersion School in Saint Paul.  Three years after opening its doors, the school offers classes K-3 and is flourishing.  Within the next few years it will offer K-8.  It is located just south of Como Avenue on Highway 280.  You can find out more about the school on their website --  www.germanschool-mn.org .   

Brian, we are proud of what you are doing to promote language learning in Minnesota!




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