Soltic Bigfoot

Dougram, Fang of the Sun

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Once upon a time in the '80s...

This has been assembled and partly painted since the parents' basement days of the early 80s. It might've been my first airbrush job, definitely it's one of the first. And it's been in a box ever since then. Somewhen along the timeline, the hands snapped off.

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March, 2010 - Fastforward 25 years or so and I'm on this Dougram kick - Groundsearch, Crabgunner, and now I'm tackling kit #3, the last of the Dougram kits I have. So, finally, I masked off the light gray areas and airbrushed a blue-gray coat, a 1:1 mix of Model Master non-spec sea blue and neutral gray.

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