Eastland ARH-52 Groundsearch


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1/48 (and 1/72)

Actual scale:


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Rider's Hobby

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This had been long-assembled and partly painted, waiting on the paint-me pile. It's one of those spiffy amine vehicles from a series I never saw much of. But the mecha look cool. This kit from Takara included both 1/48 and 1/72 models of the Groundsearch. This is the 1/48.

2/28/2010 - It started innocently enough - just a bout of painting stuff this morning and at one point (after painting the Nova class starship and touching up the T-9 shuttlecraft) I still had a small amount of MM light gray paint left in the airbrush's paint cup. So I looked over the paint pile to see if anything there needed some light gray paint. Well, instead I and spotted this old gem from Takara. It was all assembled and had the hoverskirt painted. So, I masked it off and added some green to the paint cup to make a green-gray mix for the Groundsearch deck. Well, one thing led to another and by the end of the day it was all but finished.

Colors are: base skirt - gunship gray; deck - ~ 1:4 mix MM light gray + Dunkelgrün; nacelles - MM medium gray; exhaust - medium gray + NS sea blue; launchers - insignia red; seat - burnt sienna.

The kit had two gun options; I glued the big gun to the mount and put the smaller one on the deck - never hurts to have a spare!

IMG_4736.jpg (594911 bytes) IMG_4744.jpg (534450 bytes) IMG_4745.jpg (543086 bytes) IMG_4746.jpg (612335 bytes)

The painting madness didn't end with this, by the way. At one point after I'd painted a base color on the big gun of light ghost gray, I again had paint left in the cup. That led to the base coat on the Norway class starship.

3/1/2010 - Got some more dirt work done on this.

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But... those engines... intakes and exhausts look mighty plain. To the parts box!

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Some leftover aircraft wheels, trimmed to reduce the diameter, and... amazing! I found some old-style ?car bumper? chrome domes. That assembly makes a perfect intake spike. For exhausts, I found some random clear parts - a little trimming & drilling and those are adequate exhaust detail. A little gunmetal over both and those engines look a whole lot better than they did before.

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3/3/2010 - Painted the two figures' base colors yesterday & finished up with details and shading today. Ended up doing a little surgery on the driver and control yoke. I adjusted the driver's arm positions so the hands would be in a "grip the yoke" position. I cut the yoke apart to remove the bit the driver's are gripping, then superglued the tiny end pieces to the tops of the fists.

The base is a block of wood topped with a layer of water putty sifted onto white glue and sponge-painted with red oxide acrylic tube paint. Edges of the block are spray painted black. A few nails driven into the base give the Groundsearch a hovery look.