Death Shadow

My Youth in Arcadia

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7/13/06 - Finished up the long-stalled assembly by attaching all the wee spiky bits, after making them truly spiky by filing / sanding the blunt tips.

7/16/06 - Primed ...

...and with the green base color first coat painted.

There is lighting in this model too. During construction, I ran optical fiber from a small hole in the bottom of the model to the tips of the bow "horns." With an LED in the base, the horns will be lit up  just like in the movie.

7/19/06 - For this to be the My Youth in Arcadia Death Shadow, it needs one fiddly detail: the colors Harlock was ordered to strike as he came in with his load of refugees.


And now, the horns of a dilemma: screen caps from the movie show the ship to be overall a dark blue-gray. The green livery appeared in the SSX follow-on series. Hmmm... repaint time.

7/25/06 - Started work on a paint mix to duplicate that blue-teal-gray color (on average R50 G100 B115), which also appears somewhat metallic. This ought to be fun. Time for some high-tech color matching.

Sampled from crash landing sequence:

From in-flight frame:

Averaged swatch:


This mix is reasonably close to the averaged swatch above:

6 parts Medium Gray
4 parts Ford Engine Blue
3 parts Flat Sea Blue
1 part Euro Dark Green
(all colors are Model Master enamels)

 7/27/06 -

The darker blue areas (bow spike, horns, panel behind Harlock crest) average R16-17 G31 B53.

Paint mix is a 3:3:1 mix of Insignia Blue, Blue Angel Blue, and Flat Sea Blue.


8/5-6/06 - This final push is underway. Here, the model is masked off and has the darker blue color airbrushed on.

Unmasked... a few spiny-tenna casualties.

I applied one of the spare home-made decals from my Messerschmitt Arcadia to each side of the ship. I had filed/sanded off the raised border lines from that area

Shading is now underway.  Parts of the nose and interior of the horns are shaded with black pastel. I'm using thinned black acrylic for the inset details & lining here. I used Burnt Iron metallizer inside the engine area.

8/15/06 - Back after a vacation! Still shading, detail painting, & making the flag smaller... and smaller... trying to get the right size.

This one's still too big.

I've superglued a small piece of the thinnest nylon thread I could find along the mast. The thread is colored black using a permanent marker.

The new flag is half the size of the previous one. This is printed double-sided on paper. I attached the flag to the line using gel super glue.


And with that, it's done!