VF-0D Macross Zero

Macross Zero

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9/7/09 - Well, this kit's just darn purty. Makes me wish Hasegawa would do more SF subjects. Got the subassemblies done & puttied, cockpit & figures done. No assembly problems so far. I'll be pre-painting some of the parts & subassemblies before I move on to main assembly.

9/9/09 -   I attached the wings last night. I'll have to do some painting before construction goes much further since there are lots of areas that will be hard to get to when assembly continues. Main topside color for this is supposed to be a mix of cobalt blue and air superiority blue, so I spent some time last night mixing paint to come up with a reasonably close match to AS blue - at least I had a color chip for that (FS 35450) in the fed standard notebook.

Air Superiority Blue mix: 3 parts MM light ghost gray, 2 parts Testor's Flat Blue, 2 parts MM flat white.

9/15/09 - In the fortuitous accident department - somehow, maybe just over time, my airbrush got in need of a serious cleaning. Some paint had gotten into the air channels inside the body. It was spraying with such low pressure that it was more of a spatter than a spray coming out of it. But it sure made the steel Metallizer I was applying to the feet / afterburners look spiffily mottled. So, I'm keeping that.

BTW, if you ever need to clean out the air channels, or any other parts, on an all-metal airbrush (Paasche VLS, in my case) Metallizer thinner works really great. And, there's a lengthy story about how I managed to launch the air valve spring and nut into near-oblivion while re-assembling the 'brush.

The detail parts and panels in the 2nd pic are painted, post-cleaning, in Euro I gray.
9/19/09 - Airbrushed Camo Gray on the fuselage & wing undersides, and on the nacelles/legs.

5/26/2010 - Made a blue paint mix of Model Master paints, 3 Cobalt blue:2 Azure, for the blue body color. Azure is close enough to AS blue and saved me the trouble of mixing up another batch of it, since I used my mix for the belly of Colonial One.