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Battlestar Galactica

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yes, partial

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Starship Modeler

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US$ 80

For all you cross-universe fans, here's a Colonial One model in the same scale as the big-box Polar Lights NX-01 and refit Enterprise kits. For color & detail references, I'm using the very nice Zoic ortho renderings, which were posted at the (sadly) now-defunct Starship Builder website.

The decal sheet for this could have benefitted from having more gold striping for bordering the sail's cobalt blue areas. Also the small "pegasoid" Intersun logos for the lower nose sides are missing.

2/10/07 - After cleaning up the pour stubs and resin flash on the pieces, I began assembly with the flight deck sail and engines. I drilled 1/16" holes in the sail and body for alignment pins. Ditto the engine piece. I assembled these pieces using 8-minute epoxy putty.

2/20/07 - I cleaned up the areas where putty had oozed out during assembly using Xacto knife, files and 200-grit sandpaper.

3/3/07 - Putty putty putty. Also used CA to attach the small body struts to the upper "roll bar" thrusters and puttied same. Attached the secondary drive engines above/below the main engine module.


3/14/07 - Sand sand sand. File file file. Putty putty putty.

Green Putty--Grutty Peen.
Pridsummer--Groarning Utty!
Not even a particularly nice shade of green.

P1060037.jpg (27064 bytes)

Azgoths of Kria
(as channelled by Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

P1060038.jpg (28503 bytes)

11/19/07 - Sand sand sand. And, oh yeah, let's putty over those deep-drilled ports along the edges of the fuselage.

9/15/09 - Spray Spray Spray. Let's see how smooth the putty and sanding got. Is this ready for primetime?

I'm leaving off the rollbar until after I've painted the engine area.
9/16/09 - Indeed, it's ready for priming. And how about just using white primer? Then if it needs no further clean-up this is a first coat of paint.
9/17 - Did a quick patch test of air superiority blue for the overall hull belly color - it'll work. Intermediate blue works for the highlight color.   9/18 - Another white coat, and some light ghost gray on the secondary engines.  

BTW, if you can't find it, here's a reasonably close match to air superiority (AS) blue - at least I had a color chip for that (FS 35450) in the fed standard notebook. Air Superiority Blue mix: 3 parts MM light ghost gray, 2 parts Testor's Flat Blue, 2 parts MM flat white.

5/25/2010 - And I finally got around to painting the belly of the beast. Once the AS blue coat had dried I masked off the cargo hatch and airbrushed intermediate blue. I did a lighter coat on the area that will be under the engine assembly.

IMG_5351.jpg (751518 bytes) IMG_5352.jpg (759326 bytes) IMG_5353.jpg (706575 bytes) IMG_5354.jpg (740026 bytes)