Romulan Scout Ship
from TNG episode, The Defector

Federation Models


Stated scale: unstated

Actual scale: est. ~1/530

scout2.jpg (30011 bytes)


Overall length: 16.7 cm
Material(s): resin
Number of parts: 5
Stand included? no
Decals included? no
My Source: Federation Models
Cost (w/o s&h): $40

The trickiest part about this kit was making sure the wings were co-planar and perpendicular to the central hull, and then that the nacelles were perpendicular to the wings. The engraved panels are fairly coarse and irregular, so I spent some time cleaning them up. The studio model had no markings, so the lack of decals is no big deal.

I made some registration pins to hold the parts together more securely. Between use of small levels, L-squares and bits of clay, I aligned the parts and assembled them using 5-minute epoxy. After the epoxy had set, I puttied the seams with Squadron green.

The "blood-green" paint for this ship, as determined by computer-matching, is equal parts Testors Beret Green, Model Master French Blue, and Model Master Neutral Grey. The viewports are black; the nacelle grids are transparent acrylic green over gunmetal metallizer. I added panel shading and other highlights using black, green, and yellow pastel chalks.