Vulcan Scoutship

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Star Trek: Enterprise


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US$ 35

There's a bit of confusion about this ship's identity. The box says "Surak class" but the instructions say "T'lar Class." In the impulse engine details it matches the Surak-class vessel Timur seen in Enterprise - Breaking the Ice (with the amazing comet having Earth-normal gravity!!). However, the dimensions of this make it far too stubby to be the Surak-class, which has a much longer tail. So, treat this as some sort of smaller, "scoutier" version of the Surak.

7/21/06 - Gave the parts a thorough scrubbing with cleanser to remove mold release & other residues.

7/30/06 - Filed and sanded down mold lines and worked on smoothing the surface. Used a file to straighten and smooth out the white arc-shaped areas on the connecting strut.

8/3/06 - Assembled the thing using superglue for the adhesive. It was all quite straightforward after drilling out the hole in the base of the main fuselage.

8/16/06 - Began puttying the seams using thinned Squadron green. I'm also puttying over the viewports, which are too deeply-bored into the model.

Vulcan small cruiser puttied/IMG_3792.jpg

9/7/2009 It's base-color painted, same as the Ti'mur Surak-class cruiser.