Droid Fighters

3-pack of droid fighters
Star Wars Episode I


Stated scale:


Actual scale:


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Overall length:

7.7 cm



Number of parts:

12; 4 per droid

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local shop

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This little trio of fighters is of fair quality with minimal, very soft detail. It's in scale(ish) with the Naboo N1 fighter ERTL also produces. It's also a snap-apart kit, but it glues together well.

April 2010 - After sitting assembled in the box for years, I've finally decided what use to make of them: 3 fighters in 3 liveries: the Trade Federation livery from Episode I, the Separatist "Vulture Droid" livery from III, and a speculative Imperial version that assumes the Empire didn't just scrap the things.


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5/9/2010 - It's been a while since I've done extensive hand-painting of space vehicles, but that's how I did these. The overall base color was airbrushed on and then I hand-painted the panels and other details, either by following panel lines or by laying down strips of masking tape and quickly brushing on the paint. There are some bleeds to clean up, but nothing serious.

Trade Federation: overall armor sand color with detail panels in raw sienna, Italian dark earth, dark green, and 2:1 olive drab:sand.

Separatist: overall Testors primer gray, with detail panels in gunship gray and Blue Angels blue.

Imperial: overall neutral gray with (minimal) Euro I gray details and a few chalk-shaded panels.

All have gunmetal metallizer on the walking claws and weapon arrays.

5/15/2010 - These are done to the point of being a basic display. Eventually I'd like to make a museum exhibit out of them, as in something like "The New Republic Museum of the Empire - Droid Starfighter Restoration" display. Most of the remaining work on the was the white markings on the Separatist droid. For those markings, and for the eyelights on all three, I painted a strip of Scotch tape white and carefully sliced out triangles, hexagons, and eyelights. I transferred these to the models using X-actos and forceps. I painted the eyelights a mix of Acryl pearl and Tamiya transparent red.

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Trade Federation

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