Trade Federation Droid Starfighter

(designed for use as a model rocket)

Stated scale: unstated

Actual scale: 1/16

droid-before.JPG (30338 bytes)


Overall length: 9.5" /22.45cm
Material(s): ABS
Number of parts: 1
Stand included? yes
Decals included? no
My Source: KB toy
Cost (w/o s&h): US$5.00

All this needs is patching up the model rocket bits and a good paintjob and you'll have a better model of the Droid fighter than the AMT/ERTL model. Problem is gonna be finding one of these.

Estes came out with this, the Trade Federation starship, Naboo N-1 & Nubian, and Sith Infiltrator. I found all but the Sith on clearance back in 1999 or 2000. Found the Sith ship later.

Used for conversion into Episode III Vulture Droid.