MPC Fine Molds
Boba Fett's Slave 1

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yes (4-part)

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Starship Modeler

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One of the reasons I take so long to build some kits is that I just get tired of dealing with bad fit, bad parts, bad detail...

So, I've upgraded my Boba Slave 1 from the old MPC kit to the newly-released Fine Molds retool of their Jango Slave 1. Assembly should be a breeze now.

7/16/06 - I was right. Assembled the interior, save for a few pieces to allow access for painting. Sub-assembled the fins - supposedly repulsorlifts - and the main "turkey leg" hull.

P1020009.jpg (29459 bytes) P1020010.JPG (23463 bytes) P1020011.jpg (13923 bytes) P1020012.jpg (11085 bytes)
Interior assembly, base-color painted Repulsorlift fin assemblies Main hull, dorsal Main hull, ventral

7/29/06 - The interior has the black coat on the console & black acrylic washes to other surfaces.

bobaS1pit.jpg (106869 bytes)

7/8/2010 - Finished up the interior painting in the past week and installed the assembly.

IMG_5538.JPG (436372 bytes)