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Vellatrya Storm Marches, or Sailya Dheufvall, is a broadly triangular land bounded on the east by the Kessid, on the west by Nodhoscor and Aubresan, and on the north by the Worldwall. Eight Ducal Provinces make up the Kingdom. The kingdom was once much larger, but was broken apart after the Second Casturi War, YSE 466-468. The Castufell Province was the ancestral home of the Casturi Clans before their fall.

Tarsilon, the Crown City of Storm Marches, is located on the eastern shore of the Way at a small embayment near the south end of the peninsula. The city is home to some 18,000, mostly Humans and Elves, though Dwarves and more-exotic races may at times be seen about. Tarsilon is also the seat of the reigning monarch, the Dowager Queen Regent, Iarel Coatruiga.  In the Palace of Five Towers on Palace Island, Iarel rules Storm Marches from the Smoke Jade throne in the name of her only son, Geryed, heir to the crown after the death eight years ago of King Tyurel II Coatruiga. Geryed, however, contracted a fever at the age of twelve, which rendered him blind and mad. He will never make an effective king, though those titles to which he is heir, including King, have passed to him. It is not uncommon to hear, "By the Mad King..." as part of an oath or curse in these lands. In time, the crown will pass to Dyrlul Coatruiga, Tyurel II's brother, or his heirs.

Most of the business in Tarsilon relates either to the business of running the kingdom or to the sea-trade. The city is a vibrant mix of bureaucrats, nobility, merchants and brokers, workers at the quays and seahalls, and the sundry businesses that serve them, the inns and taverns, and yes, even the smugglers.

Just outside the city, two formations of Earthbone erupt from the ground. The spire of Eutron's Tooth stands north of the city, half a mile from the city walls. A few miles south the the city runs Eutron's Fin, a veil ten miles long and hundreds of feet tall. It's common for locals to refer to these simply at "the Tooth" and "The Fin."

The Runseta Mountains run north to south in the peninsula, joining with the Fendehi range at the base of the Worldwall. The Fendehi run from the Worldwall east to the Kessid. Paralleling the Fendehi, next to the north is the Moskehi range, and further north, the Ourokhells run along the base of the Worldwall. At the western end of the Ourokhells, the mountains end in a mass of torn and jumbled islands named the Kedge, where the Worldwall runs out into the Kessid. At the base of the Worldwall between the Fendehi and Moskehi is a plateau called the Mohesh. For the most part, these ranges have few passes through them because of the veils of Earthbone which run along their summit lines.