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The Gink & Go Dialogues

    Perhaps I am a frustrated screenplay writer.  Though clearly I don't have a future in Hollywood, I wrote these dialogues as a vehicle to teach various concepts to my biology classes at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University.  As you will see, "Go" is a serious student who works hard.  In contrast, "Gink" is rather flaky and provides a little comedy relief.  In class, my students select a role and the read the dialogue aloud to one another.  This usually takes about five minutes.  If time permits, I ask them to switch roles and read the other part.  Following their performance, I usually ask my students to summarize what they have learned from the dialogues, or answer questions, etc.  The students generally seem to enjoy the dialogues and offer a fun way to present class material.  I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I first learned about it from Dr. D. Cronkite, Hope College, MI.  For more information, please contact me.

Topic/Concepts Dialogue Title
Plant growth, meristems Gink & Go at the Playground
Enzymes, inhibitors, mercury Gink & Go are Mad as Hatters 
Evolution, creationism Gink & Go Talk about Ribs
Evolution, creationism Gink & Go Discuss Creationism
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Gink & Go Discuss Intelligent Design
Fruits, fruit types Gink & Go at Lunch 
Magnolia family characteristics Gink & Go Meet the Magnoliaceae 
Buttercup family characteristics Gink & Go Meet the Ranunculaceae 
Human Reproduction - Female menstrual cycle Gink & Go Study Reproduction 
Membrane structure, phospholipids, origin of life; emulsification Gink & Go Make Mayonnaise
Plant Life Cycle - alternation of generations Gink & Go Learn About the Birds and the Bees
Neurons, Electrical Potentials Gink & Go Talk about Bank Accounts
Science - Ignaz Semmelweis Gink & Go Talk about Science
Glycolysis; Glucose catabolism Gink & Go Play with Crayons
Seed Germination Gink & Go Study Seed Germination
Water transport Gink & Go At the Malt Shop
Survivorship curves; population biology Gink & Go Watch Survivor
Coffee shop (Coffee, tea, tannins) Gink & Go at the Coffee Shop
Central Dogma (transcription, translation) Gink & Go in the Kitchen
Brown fat; heat; temperature regulation; respiration; cyanide-insensitive respiration Gink & Go at the Ski Resort
Anhydrobiosis; yeast; tardigrades Gink & Go Make Bread
Anatomy of the eye Gink & Go Take Pictures
Gas exchange; lung; partial pressure Gink & Go Climb a Mountain


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