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Grading Rubric for Class Leader

 name _________________________   date ______________________

General (in-class):

q Arrive five minutes before class  (1 pt)
q Music starts at least five minutes before class (1 pt)
q Waits until after class (or instructor returns it) to pick up music (1 pt)
q Quote written on board by start of class (1 pt)  
q Quote Quality (i.e., pertains to course and/or inspirational) (2 pt)
q Greeting/closing of day selected  (1 pt)  
q Checks that stickers available (1 pt)  
q Ready/participates as time-keeper (1 pt)  
q Reference written on board (appropriate to topic, proper form, appropriate source; 5 pt)  
q Brings copy of this rubric sheet to class with name and date completed (5 pts)

Preview (email):  

q difficult topics (2 pts)  
q three important ideas (3 pts)  
q multiple choice question with answer (4 pts)  
q essay/short answer question with answer (5 pts)  
q sent by 9:00 a.m. on class day (4 pts)  
q quote included (1 pt)
q music included (1 pt)
q reference included (1 pt)

_____ Total points (40 pt)

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