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Lab 2:  Photosynthesis Independent Research


  1. to use the Qubit IRGA to measure photosynthesis

  2. to design and implement and independent research project concerning photosynthesis

  3. to write a lab report in standard format


  1.  Print and read the following files by Dr. D Robertson, Grinnell College.  Bring copies of these materials to class.
  1. Print a copy of the Independent project information
  2. Email to me by the beginning of lab period, three possible research questions you would be interested in answering during lab.  You can get ideas by reading our text, searching the web, or especially, by reading the two labs cited above.

     In today's lab, you will design and conduct your own experiment.  When you arrive in lab, the group will discuss possible questions to study and then select one to investigate.  You may use one of the experiments described by Dr. Robertson or other resource, or be more creative and chose a different one.  You will receive points for the complexity/creativity of your experiment (note:  a part of your grade on this assignment is based on the creativity/complexity of your experiment).

    Once you have settled on a question/hypothesis to test, you will gather your materials, set up the Qubit IRGA, conduct the experiment and then analyze the results.  My only role will be to serve as a consultant and facilitator and gopher - otherwise, you are on your own.  

    At the completion of the experiment you will prepare a standard lab report.  This, and the lab report checklist, are due at the next lab period.  For additional information, you may want to check the lab report self evaluation.  

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