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  On-Line Laboratory Manual

  1. Safety
  2. Presentations
  3. Basic Techniques
  4. Lab Exercises S-2007
  5. Other Exercises


Plant Physiology Home

Section 1.  Safety Information   (back to contents)

Section 2.  Basic Scientific Techniques  (back to contents)

Section 3.  Presentation Techniques/Methods   (back to contents)

Section 4.  Lab Exercises - Spring '08  (back to contents)

  1. Are leaves good predictors of climate?
  2. Primer on Seed Germination
  3. Idioblasts in Dieffenbachia
  4. Pigment composition of RCBr
  5. Awn Movement in Stipa sp. - A Primer on Time Lapse Movies (includes Pre & Post labs)
  6. Independent Research Project
  7. Measuring Water Potential In Potato Tissue
  8. Maple Sap Lab
  9. Measuring Stomatal Frequency in Broad Bean
  10. Plant Root Culture
  11. Measuring Photosynthesis with a Qubit CO2 Gas Analyzer; Starch Prints

Section 5.  Other/Old Exercises  (back to contents)  (note:  In some cases I have not personally tested some of these in the classroom or they are still in need of work)

  1. Ecophysiological Analysis of Leaf Shape
  2. Are Leaves Good Predictors of Climate (old version)
  3. Surface-to-Volume Ratios in Biology
  4. Gravitropism in Dandelion Scapes
  5. Phytochrome Experiments
  6. Measuring Chlorophyll (& Anthocyanin) Concentrations in plant tissues
  7. Measuring Photosynthesis in Green and White Regions of a Variegated Leaf (not for S'05)
  8. Starch Prints
  9. Quantification of Anthocyanin in Red Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Protoplasts Protoplast Images
  10. Idioblasts in Dieffenbachia (S 07)
  11. Fruit Development in Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa (RCBr)
  12. Seed Germination  (Brief Primer on Seed Germination; Germination Percentage & Rate; Testing Seed Viability; Light and Seed Germination; Seedling Photomorphogenesis (Etiolation Lab - different version); Seed packet analysis; Test Yourself; Seedling Structure (eudicot vs. monocot; epi vs. hypogaeous0
  13. Light  (Photomorphogenesis (S'07); Light & Plants)


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