Structure in Chemistry

Molecular Orbital Theory

with problems contributed by Nicholas Jones, Kate Graham, Brian Johnson and Alicia Peterson

MO1. Introduction

MO2a.  Wave Behaviour

MO2b. Dihydrogen

MO3. Lessons from Dihydrogen

MO4. Sigma Bonding with P Orbitals

MO5. Pi Bonding with P Orbitals

MO6a. Assembling the Complete Diagram

MO6b. Electron Population

MO7. Experimental Evidence

MO8. Symmetry & Mixing

MO9. Bonding Between Different Atoms

MO10. S and P Mixing in HF

MO11. Polyatomic Geometry and Symmetry

MO12. Approximations in Complicated Structures

MO13. Building MO from Smaller Pieces

MO14. Delocalization

MO15. Polyenes

MO16. Aromatics

MO17. Heteroaromatics

MO18. Frontier Orbitals

MO19.  Solutions to Selected Problems


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