Structure & Reactivity

Purification of Molecular Compounds

PM1. Evaporation

PM2. Filtration

PM3. Distillation

PM4. Sublimation

PM5. Recrystallization

PM6. Solvent Partitioning (Liquid - Liquid Extraction)

PM7. Acid-Base Extraction

PM8. Chromatography I:  TLC (Normal Phase)

PM9. Chromatography II: Column (Normal Phase)

PM10. Chromatography III: Reverse Phase

PM11. Chromatography IV: Size Exclusion

PM12. Chromatography V: Ion Exchange

PM13. Chromatography VI: Affinity

PM14. Chromatography VII: Electrophoresis

PM15.  Instrumental Methods: GC and HPLC

PM16.  Solutions for Selected Problems



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