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MAPS can only answer questions about the general properties of the data's spatial values and variation. For example, the Minnesota radon indoor map cannot tell you what the radon is in your house; it can only give a range of likely results that you might get if you made a radon measurement in the lowest lived-in level of your home. Other maps are designed to provide an estimate of the average radon (useful in judging health risk in areas), the percent of homes in excess of the current USEPA action level, radon in the outside air, and the potential for saving lives through radon mitigation. Care has been taken to base these maps on the best available independently-gathered randomized and unbiased measurements of radon or authoritative  sources in the case of the national

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These maps only show average values. Indoor radon varies substantially at scales not shown on these maps. It is not wise to use these maps to predict the radon in an individual house. Rather, these maps can be used to estimate the average indoor radon on a local or regional scale.
ATD maps rely on long term(>90 day) radon measurements using alpha track detectors while CC maps are based on short-term (2day) measurements using charcoal canister radon detectors. Contour maps are created from point data sets (radon value and location). Others maps generated by taking the average within a geopolitical boundary (county/state_province/country). 

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Minnesota      Upper Midwest:
IA and MN
National International
  Indoor Radon  in Minnesota homes:
Contour map
umatd2000.jpg (138984 bytes)
Average by Zipcode ATD contours
EPA Map of Radon Zones
  Indoor Radon  in Minnesota homes:
County-wide averaged thematic maps
Average by
County Radon:
CC thematic
US by county
  Indoor Radon  in Minnesota homes:
Potential for lives saved by mitigation thematic maps
um bedroom 2000.wmf (27938 bytes) Bedroom Radon:
ATD contours from IRLCS_MRP
World by


    silnnaoutscolor_small.gif (3907 bytes) Outdoor Radon:
ATD contours from IRLCS_MRP



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