Cytochrome B562
alpha helical protein

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I. Introduction

This protein is mostly alpha helical.  It contains 4 amphilphilc helices which are packed other to form a bundle. The helices are antiparallel in that adjacent helices run in opposite directions. This motif is found in several proteins that are alpha-helical proteins. The helix axes are all aligned with each other. The sides chains of alpha helices point away from the helix axis. In this proteins the helices pack together and form a hydrophobic core. The outer faces of the helices are hydrophilic. This protein contains a heme, and is a reversible electron carrier.

For more information see Biochemistry Online: Chapter 2C - Understanding Protein Conformation

II. General Structure

Backbone and sidechains
Cartoon, HBonds, and Wireframe
Dot surface and Wireframe