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I. Introduction

dsDNA is a negatively charged polyanion. It must be packed into a form which somehow minimizes the significant electrostatic repulsive forces. It does so in Eukaryotes by packing around a core of positively charged histone proteins (2 copies each of H2A, 2B, 3 and 4) into a structure called the nucleosome.

For more information see Biochemistry Online: Chapter 5D - Binding and the Control of Gene Transcriptio

II. General Structure

Antiparallel strands: 1 strand: 5' PO4,green,3' red ;other: 5' PO4 blue, 3' yellow
DNA Cartoon
View DNA's H-bonds
AT base pair
GC base pair
Spacefill Model - Major/Minor Groves
Spacefill Model - Major/Minor Groves with O's (red) and N's (blue with Hs not shown) available in the major grove for H bonds to proteins
surface of DNA