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May Term 2013

-Munich / Arts & Ideas

May 15- June 2, 2013


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Catalog Description: 

Rome-Florence-Munich: Arts & Ideas (1 credit).  Perhaps no other city in the world gives witness so vividly to artistic movements and counter-movements as the city of Rome. This course will introduce students to the art, architecture, music and intellectual history of the Classical, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods of the eternal city and compare discoveries there with what we find in the cities of Assisi, Florence, and Munich.

Learning Goals

a. You will be able to speak and write about the facts and intellectual debates surrounding four of Rome’s and Florence’s most significant intellectual and artistic movements: 1) Classical, 2) Medieval (Romanesque and Gothic) 3) Renaissance and 4) Baroque and the Counter-Reformation
b. You will know the major art and architectural examples of each of these movements and be able to compare several aspects of these movements (e.g., how is the human figure portrayed, and what does that say about the aesthetic and political interests of the movement)
c. You will be able to plan visits to other European capitals using the art-and-ideas methodology of this course.

A Note on Assignments

a) Short video viewings and essays in preparation for the trip

b) A dozen or so drawings of the major works we will be studying.

c) Several creative assignments on-site involving thoughtful viewings and analysis of works of art and architecture and reflections on art and spirituality. 

d) Attendance: Grade will be affected if there are any unexcused absences from morning seminars and walking tours.

Seminar Activities 

will include student presentations, small group discussions, short lectures, on-sight investigations and discussions of art, architecture, spirituality, and intellectual history.  Our hotel will provide a room for our morning seminar gatherings.


Required Books  

Please purchase The Agony and the Ecstasy on your own -- and begin reading.  It's about the life of Michelangelo.

Also recommended (optional):

1.  Top Ten Rome by DK Publishing

2.  Top Ten Tuscany by DK Publishing

3.  Top Ten Munich by DK Publishing

Cost per student:  About $3790 plus tuition.   

    This cost includes 1) orientation get-togethers, 2) airfare from Minneapolis to Rome and return Munich to Minneapolis, 3) hotel rooms (double, triple and quad occupancy) for ten days and nights of our seminar, 4) excursions and entrances, 5) breakfast buffet and three dinners, 6) bus and subway arrangements, 7) transportation from Rome to Florence.


CSB/SJU tuition for 1 credit abroad:  about $490.


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