Tour Leader Summer 2013

Fr. Mark, O.S.B.
Office:  Quad 253B, phone 3520
Residence:  phone 2394

Fr. Mark:  Rome is a city of magic and bewildering diversity.  I have actually lived in Rome several times and have been in love with the place ever since.  Florence is a city that holds a fascination all through your life.  The amazing architecture in both places gives expression to the ideas of each of the political and intellectual movements that swept through Italy from classical times to the present.  I love the small Tuscan towns around Florence, the beauty of nature, the amazing simple Italian foods.  My greatest enjoyment in taking groups to Europe is to see students' minds expand as they discover that they are citizens not only of the United States, but also of a complex and beautiful world of diverse cultures and ideas.  I have lead groups to Italy and Germany and other places in Europe and Asia about a 20 times.

Theo Eggermont:  I am astonished at the profound beauty of all the works by Bernini featured on this trip.  I am a faculty resident in Flynntown and have work on the student development staff at both CSB and SJU.   Fr. Mark and I will be sharing the duties of making sure this summer term is an unforgettable experience for you, academically, spiritually and personally.