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  This is NOT the droid you're looking for! This is a scratchy-bashy conversion of the Estes model rocket droid starfighter from Episode 1 into the walking version of the Episode 3 Vulture Droid.

Full details are coming together in a build report. Here are some other pix of the model.

Full model, stands 9.5 inches

Side view

The eyes have it

Who's your daddy?

1/9/06 - This just in... the Vulture Droid took 2nd place in the Starship Modelers "Legs" Contest scratch/bash category. My Nausicaš & O-mu at the Acid Lake took 5th in Dioramas. THANK YOU! to all who voted for them.

  December 2005

From Hayao Miyazake's movie Nausicaš, this is the Bandai re-tool of the Tsukuda release of the movie's Gunship. Bandai's release is a snap-together kit, good to almost make me change my opinion of snap-fit kits. Almost.

More detail are in kit data with  pics of the finished piece are in the gallery.


  Waxing nostalgic, I've added an
assemblog and gallery for the
venerable old A-Wing fighter from
Return of the Jedi