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Safety First!

When building models, you'll find yourself working with a lot of things that are sharp, pointy, flammable, noxious, or otherwise dangerous. Common Sense should apply to all the work you do on a model. Remember Common Sense? It's what people used in the years B.L. (Before Lawsuits). Anyway, here are some precautions to follow.

Read the warnings listed on the tools and supplies you use. Then heed those warnings.

Wear safety glasses or goggles. Bits of a model can go ballistic at the slightest provocation. Plus, you definitely want to keep liquids and gooey stuff out of your eyes. A dust mask and protective gloves are a good idea at times too.

Use adequate ventilation. Open a window or make sure your work area is vented. A respirator mask will cut down on the paint fumes you inhale.

Keep your blades sharp. A sharp blade cuts easily, meaning you apply less pressure when cutting. Less pressure makes it less likely that your blade will slip and cut something that you don't want cut (warning: icky photoshopped pic).

Keep a First Aid kit near your work area, and know how to use its contents.

Use adult supervision where and when appropriate. View it as a quality time, bonding opportunity.

And of course, never, ever run with scissors.


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