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The Sovereign Class


Sovereign Class Colors

Rick Sternbach posted the following to rec.models.scale. The colors he lists are from the Pantone color matching system. I've included a color-swatch graphic showing the colors Rick & Co. picked out. Note: Not all monitors are created equal. The colors you see on the screen may vary from the actual Pantone color.


Ship Part


Overall Base Hull Color: Cool Gray 2U (U="uncoated;" somewhat matte)
Contrasting Hull Panels: Cool Gray 3U
Occasional Plates: Cool Gray 1U and 4U
Note: The Upper Saucer is mostly CG2U outboard of the registry number, and mostly CG3U inboard number. This is due to the relative amount of masking of the plating; more notes coming about this. For the moment, don't go buying tons of masking film or tape.
Dark Gray Areas: Warm Gray 11U
Contrasting Lines/Panels: Warm Gray 9-10U
Lifeboat Surrounds, Sensors: Cool Gray 10U
RCS Quads: 131U plus flat black nozzles
Phaser Strips: 416U
Deflector Dish: Bronzish/Copper (better notes soon)
Nacelle Side Lobes: Flat Black and primer gray
Very Dark Pylon Vents: Flat Black with blue-gray trim
Nacelle Nose Accent: Cool Gray 10U
That's it for the moment. Most of the *truly* dark details, and there aren't many of them, are jet black. A few more are on the underside, and I'll get to them soon. The medium dark stuff is the two levels of dark gray, and the lighter stuff is the two or so levels of light gray. As I say, ILM got a lot of other levels by misting the smallish panels, but overall, we're looking at a fairly limited palette.