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The U.S.S. Excalibur Gallery

The kit behind the Excalibur is the first Enterprise kit I ever bought, back when the kit first came out in the 60s. It adorned my dresser for a while, but eventually that first kit turned out the way most kits turned out when you were in 6th or 7th grade. The nacelles broke off (remember that old block & stirrup attachment design?), the decals withered, and so on. Some of the damage to the Excalibur ended up where it did because the nav deflector housing and one intercooler had gone missing. The two half-intercoolers on the damaged nacelle used to be a whole one. Recently, while digging through some old boxes, I found a real prize of sorts.

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excal3.jpg (205638 bytes) excal1.jpg (151806 bytes) Exc_aftover.jpg (263253 bytes)
excalbdg.jpg (217664 bytes)
Find the wrecked Captain's chair!
excal_blowout1.jpg (160450 bytes)
Damage from Bussard collector blowout, topside...
Excal_portnac_blowout.jpg (69986 bytes)
...and from below.
Excal_engr_blowout.jpg (46481 bytes)
Main engineering blowout, after the Bussard blowout fed back down the strut
excaleng.jpg (222524 bytes)
Excal_deflector_blowout.jpg (52620 bytes) Excal_aft.jpg (130758 bytes) Excal_aftportnacelle_inb.jpg (49164 bytes) Excal_aftportnacelle_outb.jpg (61725 bytes)
Excal_portnacelle.jpg (51787 bytes) Excal_saucertop.jpg (121345 bytes)
Entry wound...
Excal_exitwound.jpg (61342 bytes)
...and the exit wound, with deflector housing chunk in background