Jem Hadar fighter




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GRP resin

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Federation Models

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Love the detail; hate the material. GRP (glass-reinforced polyester) resin is one of the more annoying materials used for garage kits. It's fine if you just leave it alone, but once you start cleaning imperfections - bubbles, mold seams & such, you start to get a grainy mess. It's also brittle. At one point during assembly one of the warp pylons snapped at that narrow point. But, GRP does hold paint well - seems less prone than other resins to paint flaking off. Interesting note - if that scale is correct, then this is in scale with the Polar Lights NX-01 and Refit Enterprise kits.

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Assembly on this was straightforward with no great problems other than the pylon break. I repaired that with superglue and a short wire pin fitted into holes I drilled into the broken surfaces. I used superglue to assemble parts and Squadron green putty to fill gaps. There were a lot of small surface blebs - bubbles in the mold that filled with resin during parts casting. I chipped those off using an Xacto knife.

After a coat of gray primer and a final check on seams & putty, it was off to the paint booth - the colors used are all Model Master enamels. I masked off areas using blue painter's masking tape & newsprint.
Main base color: intermediate blue
Edging & light-gray panels: light ghost gray
At the two-color stage:

2color-top.JPG (21846 bytes) 2color-bot.JPG (24343 bytes)

Red-brown mix: 2 gull gray : 1 military brown : 1 rust
Sand mix: 1 gull gray : 1 armor sand
At the four-color stage:

4color-top.JPG (31524 bytes) 4color-bot.JPG (19009 bytes)

The remaining colors are blue / gray mixes and some gold metallic. The warp insets are acryl pearl white.

The last big step on this was a few long sessions involving post-it notes (low-tack adhesive) and chalk dust to mark panel edges and other shading details. After sealing the pieces with Dullcote all that remained was applying four drops of superglue to attach the aft carapace to the body.

I made a display stand from a block of wood and 3 hypo-syringe plungers.