Imperial Star Destroyer

SW Episodes V-VI

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The Star Destroyer trio in 1/2256,
and the Imperial's old MPC "mini-me."

Rebublic SD | Clone Troop Ship

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resin, PE brass

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 Big kit. Insane detail. Gonna have to clear my schedule for the next decade.

IMG_4451.jpg (1512015 bytes) IMG_4452.jpg (1395869 bytes) IMG_4453.jpg (1487417 bytes)

IMG_4462.jpg (496084 bytes) IMG_4461.jpg (535471 bytes) Let's get out the pin vise and micro drill bits.

Imperial shuttle in 2256th.jpg (41507 bytes) And even an Imperial Lambda-class shuttle in resin and PE brass.

1/13/2010 - Sat back with a DVD on and started nibbling away at the resin stubs.

11/14/2010 - After some major cleaning and de-cluttering in the basement, there I had it: all the stuff cleared off my workroom's island. Time to lay out something big on it. But I started small, with assembly of the command tower. I assembled the two sides and three inset panels using superglue and then banded it up while the CA set.

IMG_5934.JPG (489651 bytes) IMG_5935.JPG (472257 bytes)

I think the first step on the 4-panel underside of the main hull should be assembling the two aft left/right panels with the center "reactor core" (RC) panel. This will hold the L/R panels together at the right angle to join them to the forward panel. I clamped the RC panel onto the left aft panel and dripped CA into the inside of the joins, so it wouldn't be dribbling around on the outside surface.

IMG_5936.JPG (487386 bytes) IMG_5937.JPG (527721 bytes)

11/18/2010 - Sub-assembly continues, with attaching the right aft panel and nose panel of the belly. More superglue, more clamping. I leave all these assemblies clamped up overnight.

IMG_5948.JPG (633280 bytes) IMG_5949.JPG (648266 bytes)

Attaching the belly nose piece - same deal, superglue, clamps, overnight set...

IMG_5951.JPG (658461 bytes) IMG_5964.JPG (529370 bytes) IMG_5965.JPG (561505 bytes)

Moving topside, I attached the first tier of the superstructure to the L/R aft topside panels.

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