mTOR Complex I  (mTORC1)

A master regulator of growth

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I. Introduction

mTORC1 is a complicated complex of many proteins.  The main kinase, mTOR, has a typical kinase structure with an N and C lobe.  However, it has insertions that help determine specificity.  These additions allow binding to other proteins which help regulate the specificity of the mTOR kinase.

 For more information see Biochemistry Online: Chapter 9D - Nutrient Signaling 

II. General Structure

cartoon with bound rapamycin

The complex acts physiologically as a dimer with rotational C2 symmetry.

They are described briefly below:

In addition, other proteins  associate with the core complex include:

Raptor has been likened to tape as it interacts with the two mTOR subunits, holding them together into a larger, donut-like structure, stabilizing the dimer.