Biochemistry Online: An Approach Based on Chemical Logic

Biochemistry Online

Chemistry Online:  An Approach Based on Chemical Logic

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I have created most of the images found in BC Online, using programs such as Power Point, Paint Shop Pro, and ChemDraw.  Some of these figures have been modeled after those found in various biochemistry textbooks.  I have also used other figures which are already available on the web.  For those, I have referenced those by including the url for the site directly on the figure. 

Some of the figures in this online book are used, by permission, from Science, Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  The specific reference for each figure is shown on the figure.  For these specific figures:

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Chapter 1:  Lipid Structure

Chapter 2:  Protein Structure

Chapter 3:  Carbohydrates

Chapter 4:  DNA, Genomics, and Proteomics

Chapter 5:  Binding

Chapter 6:  Transport and Kinetics

Chapter 7:  Catalysis

Chapter 8:  Oxidation/Phosphorylation

Chapter 9:  Signal Transduction

Capstone:  Origin of Life


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