Biochemistry Online: An Approach Based on Chemical Logic

Biochemistry Online

CHAPTER 11:  The Origin of Life


Dr. Jakubowski

A1.  The Start of Life

A2  Abiotic Synthesis of Amino Acids and Peptides

A3.  Abiotic Synthesis of Sugars

A4.  Abiotic Synthesis of Nucleobases

A5.  Abiotic Synthesis of Genetic Polymers

A6.  Polyanions as Carriers of Genetic Information

A7.  The Lipid World

A8.  Protocells

A9    Energy Transduction in Protocells

A10  Hydrothermal Vents or Primoridal Soup?

A11.  Fixing CO2

A12.  The Role of Fe/S Centers

A13.  The Minimal Genome

A14.  Links and References


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