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 Surprisingly, there are only a few recordings available of these marvelous miniatures for the piano. If the word "miniature"chopin or "nocturne" summons up images of trifles or somnolence, then listening to these works will certainly change that. These are poetic utterances that run the gamut from the serene to the utmost impassioned outbursts. Very few are those listeners who will not be enthralled by them.

CD Contents

Disc 1
Frederick Chopin (1810-1849)
Opus 9 no.1 in B flat Minor
Opus 9 no.2 in E flat Major
Opus 9 no.3 in B Minor
Opus 15 no.1 in F Major
Opus 15 no.2 in F sharp Major
Opus 15 no.3 in G Minor
Opus 27 no.1 in C sharp Minor
Opus 27 no.2 D flat Major
Opus 32 no.1 in B Major
Opus 32 no.2 in A flat Major
Opus 37 no.1 in G Minor
Opus 37 no.2 in G Major
Opus 48 no.1 in C Minor
Opus 48 no.2 in F sharp Minor
Opus 55 no.1 in F Minor

Disc 2

Frederick Chopin (1810-1849)
Opus 55 no.2 in E flat Major
Opus 62 no.1 in B Major
Opus 62 no.2 in E Major
Opus 72 no.1 in E Minor

Opus Posthumous in C sharp Minor
Alban Berg (1883-1935)
Sonata Opus 1
Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
Vallée d'Obermann (live performance in 1983)
Sonata in B Minor (live performance in 1983)

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