Reactivity in Chemistry

Substitution at Carboxyloids

with problems contributed by Kate Graham

CX1.  Introduction to Carboxyloids (Carboxylic Acid Derivatives)

CX2.  General Reactivity Patterns

CX3.  Comparative Energies: The Ski Hill

CX4.  Interconversion: Going Downhill

CX5.  Getting Towed Uphill

CX6.  Semi-Anionic Nucleophiles

CX7.  Enolates:  Claisen Condensation

CX7b. Enolates:  Decarboxylation

CX8.  Condensation Polymers

CX8b.  Ring-Opening Trans-Esterification Polymerisation

CX9.   Peptides and Proteins:  Laboratory Synthesis

CX10.  Biosynthesis of Proteins and Peptides

CX11.  Protein Modifications

CX12.  Additional Problems

CX13.  Solutions For Selected Problems


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