Mission Statement

  • The establishment of a gardening group is consistent with Benedictine value of nurturing community. Likewise, the action of gardening is an important element in the stewardship of creation that is an integral part of the Christian tradition.
  • St. John�s has had a past history of beautiful gardens and a part of the development of area gardens. We believe this tradition should continue.
  • As members of a learning community, we recognize the value of learning and of teaching others. We will make learning, teaching, and sharing an integral part of our group through presentations, hands-on learning experiences, tours, and plant exchanges. This learning will enable community members to be better stewards and to teach others.
  • Through group activities we will improve the quality of life for members and the community as a whole. Gardening has been proven to be an effective method to combat stress and osteoporosis. As well, it will provide members with a sense of pride in their accomplishments and in the aesthetic beauty of St. John�s. Likewise, the group will help to foster a sense of spiritual harmony with nature.



The group shall consist of any and all members of the St. John�s Community�employees, students, members of the monastery, and outside community members.

The group shall be directed by a chairperson to provide a single contact person/spokesperson for the society. 

The chairperson will have complete control over allocation of the group funds with the oversight of the group treasurer.

Dues are not charged for membership to the organization.



Saint John's Community Garden Society

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