Gardening Links

Seed and/or Plant Companies

Before you order, check out this website where seed and plant companies are rated by customers. It can save you a lot of time and trouble!!


Here are links for several seed and plant companies with recommendations from our members, if available.


Plant Searches

Not sure that the plant you want to try is going to fit your conditions? Want to know if a plant is hardy to our zone? Want to find a list of things that will grow in the shade?

Then this is the link for you!

Garden Info Sites

Find your "USDA" zone

Questions about flowers and bouquets? Check with the Society of American Florists!

Here's a site where you can find plants to trade, a plant database, Latin name lookup and much more.

Garden information articles:

Minnesota Extension Service--a site offering all kinds of info about just about anything gardening related from plant searches to ask a Master Gardener.

A site from the Minnesota Extension Service with information about composting.

A link to the popular TV show site:

A link to a site with many different kinds of information from plant searches with photos, searches for various gardening related companies, to gardening chat and plant exchanges.

Home Gardening by ExploreCornell

This site by Cornell University provides �ecologically sound, science-based practices� for
gardening and lawn care. The site is broken into three categories, flowers, vegetables, and
lawn care. It features illustrated growing guides for specific flowers and vegetables, a
tutorial on designing flower gardens, lawn care tips and techniques, and fact sheets on
gardening techniques, avoiding pests and diseases, and lawns.

�For beautiful plants and professional landscaping,� is provided as a service to consumers
by members of the Minnesota Nursery and
Landscape Association (MNLA). MNLA was founded
in 1925 and is Minnesota�s largest horticultural trade
association with 1,500 firms as members. MNLA is
dedicated to providing continuing education for its
members and consumers and responsibly improving
and maintaining our environment.�Where to Bird-Minnesota is an all-inclusive site for information on
every aspect of birds and birding imaginable. The site can
be broken down into specific birding information for all
fifty states plus Asia, South and Central America, Europe,
Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For this article,
however, we will focus just on the birding information
available for the state of Minnesota. for
Minnesota contains the top birding locations in the state
as well as a USGS Minnesota Bird Checklist. Phone
numbers are listed for rare bird alerts to be called in
throughout the state, and transcripts of the calls are
available too. 
Invasive Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) Removal information:

Related Garden Products

Local compost company offering compost for sale

Compost can be purchased at their site for $29.99 per cubic yard (it takes about 1 1/2 cubic yards for a pickup load). They sell smaller amounts under the name of Soil Essentials via outlet centers like Raetz and Thomsen. Visit the website for lots of information.

Compost can also be purchased from Forest Mushrooms Inc. ($5.00 for 50 bags). Check out their site for more info.



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